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  1. The History of Space Therapy


    In my mid-twenties, about 10 years ago, I worked on a number of creative projects in my spare time and one of these projects was called Space Therapy.


    It was a series of advertising posters which featured the most famous supermodel in the future. When I was searching for the images to put in this blog I came across some blurb I had written for what I hoped to be a postcard book. It was my ambition to get these pictures published in a small book; you know the kind where you can tear the postcards out from the perforated middle? Well, that didn’t happen, but let’s not get too disheartened as here’s the blurb which was going to go on the back for you to read:

    sp old blurb

    Reading this made me smile. The original Space Therapy was cute, cartoony and fun. I love humour and on a side note I have in the pipeline a new ‘funny’ card series which will be out this time next year, but back to the present – or should I say, to the future:


    It was a great chance to focus on design and colour and importantly, was a good lesson in working on the computer. Granted, it was a bit random and looking back over the work; one thing is noticeably absent – lesbians!

    Where are the lesbian poster images?

    Well, there aren’t any! I was more focused on shopping and picking up litter.


    The sexuality of my futuristic supermodel wasn’t touched upon and sometimes it’s not all about the gay I guess. I might have thought in my head she had a girlfriend back on ‘Planet Paradise’ or something but I didn’t expand on it. Saying that, it would have been very cool if she had been a futuristic spokesperson for the LGBT community and I can think of some cool advertising contracts she might have landed!

    As a whole, looking back, I like the optimism of the posters and when I was thinking of taking Space Therapy to a lesbian level, I definitely wanted to keep that in their future.

    I knew exactly the kind of thing I would want to buy and see in a new Space Therapy world and three words sum up the new Space Therapy designs:






    I’ve taken Space Therapy to a new place:


    Space Therapy is going to be full of characters at that moment of want and desire. They live in a world where you can dream and look to a future full of promise and hope. For you and me it’s about lesbians kissing in space:


    So, thanks for reading and check out Space Therapy! I hope you like these new prints and cards and thanks again for your #slamsupport and remember to #LookToTheFuture and keep your eyes peeled for more Space Therapy designs to add to your collection.


    Next time on SlamBlog,

    It’s coming up to the Summer and #slamsistersummer time!

    This means PRIDE REPORT TIME!

    And the first stop we will be Birmingham Pride on Saturday the 23rd May. Look out for our market stall and be the first to buy the new slamsister vest for all your Summer Prides!




  2. Happy New Year from Slamsister!

    2014 has been a great year for Slamsister Designs. We are both very happy with our product evolution from the launch in May and we’re both excited about the ideas and designs we have in our heads for the future.

    Slamsister is for lesbians.

    I want to thank all of you both in the UK and in Europe who have either taken a promo card, bought a product, given us some encouraging words and or generally been kind and supportive.

    I do get asked by my, a-hem, ‘straight’ friends, why is slamsister only for lesbians? My answer is because I always only wanted to draw and make original art exclusively for lesbians. That was my dream and that’s what makes me work and keep on drawing. Slamsister is a range of cards and posters and prints that are purely for us because we are frankly in need of a little spoiling in this marketplace. Why can’t we have a company just for us? It sounds pretty awesome to me and that’s why we’ve done it.  I can’t wait until we have 100’s of products and so much choice so that lesbians across the world can have the option to buy something different and cool and made just for us.

    So, thank you again – it’s important for me to say how much it means every time we’ve sold a product or had someone contact us saying they liked our stuff. I didn’t realise how important this would be as it continually gives us that boost and that drive to carry forward with new ideas and new plans.

    Sandy and I are very excited about 2015!

    We have Valentines coming up. We’ll be launching some prints and 4 greetings cards in time for February so keep a look out in January for the new products. And after that we will be adding to our greeting card catalogue, new prints and the slamsister 2016 calendar will be worked on with the hope it will be available to buy earlier in time for the pride season! The calendar has been a huge success and it’s had some amazing feedback from you all so it’s a given we will keep producing one every year.

    I am also working on a special project of mine which I have wanted to do for years. I am hoping to launch this new range of ‘funny’ greeting cards in April…It’s a test of my comedic skills so, fingers crossed… And with that I will give a hint that Slamsister is for lesbians but that includes you bisexuals…;)

    We want to post to the USA and worldwide! If you could see our office and the space we have, you’d understand why we’ve held off posting worldwide but there’s no time like the present to change our shipping zones.

    We are also very excited about attending many great lesbian events across the UK and Europe!

    Belgium Pride is in May – fingers crossed for this one and the possibility of getting a stand on women’s street…a big thanks to our friend Cynthia for even making this a possibility!

    We are hoping to go to L Beach in Germany which is in April. We are extremely excited about catching up with our German friends and fans and hopefully we can announce this as a definite soon in the events calendar.

    And not forgetting our home, we hope to hit as many prides as we can in the UK - Bristol, Birmingham, Oxford, London, Manchester and Liverpool – Fingers crossed.

    And finally, we will be ending the #SlamSummerTour at the Ella International Lesbian Festival in Palma Majorica which runs from Sept 1st for 8 days!


    Now that sounds like a plan and we hope you can all join us and share with us what we hope to be great memories in 2015.

    Until then,

    We wish you all good health and good fun.

    Happppppy New Yeeaaaar!

    Love Sandy and Emma xx