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Welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to pay us a visit.

Slamsister is all about greetings cards for lesbians.

There is no denying the challenge involved coming up with 15 designs to start with! We hope you like them and we hope you can see the dream and the desire to put out there a product purely for the lesbian market.

We’ve got some great ideas of cards to follow our initial selection. I’ll be letting you know via twitter, Facebook and of course the website, when new cards will be ready to buy. To give you an idea of what will be out this year; we’ve got birthday cards, thank you cards, coming out cards, anniversary cards, more 2014 wedding cards and an exciting cartoon strip series of cards that, I hope, will unleash a whole new level of ‘wow!’

As the Events page shows, Sandy and I will heading to as many Prides as possible this year to get out there and spread the word around the lesbian community that we are in business. We would love all the support we can get, so if you like my designs and you want to help, feel free to buy, share and chat about Slamsister with all your lesbian friends and any random lesbian you see in your daily lives!

I value your comments and suggestions on every card I am selling. I’m excited and a teeny bit apprehensive about launching but the day is finally here and I am confident that all you lesbians out there will get on board with me and share in some greeting card-lovin’. 

This blog is my chance to share with you what’s happening on the Slamsister front and also give you an insight into my life, my journey to this point and…embarrassing gush…the love of my life, Sandy.

Hopefully, Sandy and I will be seeing you in the Summer and until then, get buying and spread the word!

All the best,


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