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The lesbian Slamsister Summer starts now!

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The lesbian Slamsister Summer is here.

Or to be precise, it will be here on the 24th of May in Birmingham on Hurst Street.

We’ve been going for a week and a half and now the website is live, I’m working on more cards.

And now it’s time to start promoting.

So for all you guys who will be going to Birmingham pride on the Saturday 24th – come find our humble stand! Sandy and I are completely new to trading and stall selling; we have a teeny space in Hurst Street where we will be handing out business cards and selling greeting cards to anyone who walks by. We’re going to do our best to shout about a slamsister summer to anyone who will listen.

And who do we want listening? Every lesbain in the UK!

So come on everybody!

If you’re at Birmingham pride come see us…otherwise it looks likes Gloucester, London, and Manchester are next!



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