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  1. Hi everybody!

    Here at Slamsister we've been excited about our new 2016 calendar for a couple of months now. Finally the calendar is ready

    and available to buy! The slamsister calendar is fun, sexy, cool and showcases the best of the best slamsister designs. This year we've given images a pop art BOOM! We hope each month when you turn the page you will get a slamsister crackle of excitement.

    And no month for me is more exciting than the new design in the calendar for the month of August - HEATWAVE!

    From the creation of the calendar, I knew straight away a firewoman was going to be on the cover and imagined pretty much the final image from my initial sketches...



    If you have a canny eye you will notice some subtle differences from the finished design, take a look at this sneak peak of the 

    design in progress...




    Have you noticed the SS on her helmet yet? Of course it stands for Slamsister and you might just be looking 

    at Slamsister herself personifed.

    So, if you like the design and want to feel some heat this Christmas, pick up the new slamsister calendar now. 

    Or, why not pick yourself up an exclusive A1 Heat Wave poster - the must have slamsister present for the holidays.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Love Sandy and Emma

  2. This year Sandy and I have been to 5 LGBT events. We have had a blast and we have met some ace ladies throughout our slamsister summer.

    So first, a shout out to the lovely Honey Pot team Helen and Rachel! You two kick ass, we have had so much fun and check out some of the photos of our LFest adventure. The Honey Pot ladies make the most gorgeous jewelery and bags as well as so much more! Check them out at

    Secondly, a big howdy hey to Rhiannon at That's The Spot, arguably the best sex toys out there! Take a look at 

    Meet them both at Cardiff Pride this August!

    So, on to some pictures from the summer. We rocked up at Gloucester Pride, Oxford Pride, Birmingham Pride, L Fest and we trotted over to Germany for L Beach. 

    birm3  bir5

    Birmingham fun! Sandy makes some new friends...looking forward to going back in 2016!

    glos5  glos6

     Gloucester Pride, home turf and the first time out for our gazebo. Rain didn't deter it or us!

     glos8  glos1

    ox4  ox1

    Oxford Pride had sunshine which was lush and snakes, which was weird! But hey, we rolled with it.

    lfest7  lfest5

    Here we are at L Fest and the start of our 3 day battle with the wind! It's fair to say in the battle that was gazebo vs wind...wind won.

    lfest10  lfest8

    But we got the last laugh... mind you and it wasnt all about gazebo wars; we enjoyed the festival too - espscially the arm wrestling!

    lfest15  lfest12

    Helen and Rhiannon put up a good battle, next year I'm sure one will be victorious! Until then, we've always got the gaffa tape.

    lfest11  lfest17

    So that's a wrap! See you all at an LGBT event next year...but it's not quite over yet. Sandy and I are finishing the year at Ella Lesbian Festival in Palma. Second year running and we can't wait! Next blog will be the Ella review and's Christmas with Slamsister time!

    Thanks for reading! Love Emma and Sandy X